Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Dedication To My Daughter

First I would like to say happy Halloween. In the spirit of celebration, we visited a local pumpkin patch to pick the prettiest pumpkin for our princess. In addition to having a farmer’s market and corn mazes, they had all sorts of animals to feed. We saw ponies, and llamas, sheep, goats, and a turkey. Also among the barnyard bunch were pigs, rabbits, chickens, a peacock, an ostrich, and a dear. Amelia was so funny. She looked completely flabbergasted. It is amazing to get to see the world new again through your child’s eyes. It is such a gift and a blessing to be a mommy. I know we have our share of blah days now and then, but these awesome days are beyond compare. We found the perfect pumpkin and brought it home to carve. This was the first year that we attempted a Jack-o-lantern stencil, and it came out pretty good if I do say so myself. It is super spooktacular!

We were up until after midnight carving our fingers to the bone and enjoying the eve of our daughter’s first Halloween, and although I was sill sleepy when the alarm sounded at 6 am, I took some advice and “SUCKED IT UP BUTTERCUP” (I plan on using that term on a regular basis now). I donned my new sneakers, made a few adjustments to my work out play list on my I-pod, grabbed a box of yogurt raisins and a bottle of water to go, and we headed out the door. Did I mention what an amazing and supportive husband I have? He woke up with me at 6 am (on a Saturday none the less) and got the baby ready and packed the diaper bag. In the car on the way to the race, I popped open my box of raisins and took a mouthful. I quickly realized that they were covered in ants (note to self…we need ant baits for the kitchen pantry…yuck). I guess the added protein was OK on my meal plan, but I was completely nauseated about the fact that I had just eaten live ants, so we stopped and got a plain croissant. We finally arrived at the race site, and met up with Marilyn, her husband Craig, Sophie, and another girl in my boot camp named Morgan. We chatted until it was race time. The “GO” horn sounded before I knew it, and we were off. Marilyn walked/jogged with me for almost the first mile, and I saw Phil (the GMA producer) jogging while I was on my race route. He cheered and shouted for me. I also met Ann, a fellow blogger. She was super sweet. I finally made it to the turn around, and I chugged some water. I was on my way back to the finish line. Previous to the race, I set 2 goals for myself. I wanted to finish the race in under an hour, and I did not want to finish last. I was chugging along at a pretty good pace, on target with my goals when I realized that my right shoe was untied. I had a short debate within my head as to weather or not to stop and tie it. Of course, the mommy in me won, and I stopped to tie my shoe. I was disappointed that I fell behind, but I said a little prayer that God would give me continued strength and endurance, and I pressed on. I reached the last intersection before the finish line, and I began to pick up the pace. I was jogging along, and people in cars along the race route were honking and cheering from open windows. I saw the last turn on our route, and Marilyn was running toward me. She helped me push myself to the final turn where I saw my husband and daughter waiting. I realized I was on the home stretch, and we (Marilyn and I) did several sprints to the end. When I finally arrived at the finish line, I was met with people cheering and clapping. I had done it. I met my goals…both of them. My official time was 59:27 and I finished 2nd to last. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and tears began to stream down my face. I scoped up my baby girl and showered her with hugs and kisses. We commenced with more pictures and a light snack. I had about 2 bites of a slice of veggie pizza and a granny smith green apple. I soaked in the moment. I was on top of the world.

A bit fatigued, we headed for breakfast. I had 2 egg beaters, 3 turkey sausage links, a tomato slice, and ½ of a fruit and yogurt parfait. It was delicious, and the protein was just what I need to help my muscles feel fully recovered. When we got home, I responded to a few emails, and laid down for a nap. I am headed off for a shower in a bit and then the evening Halloween festivities begin. We are taking Amelia to my grandfather’s church for a fall festival and we are taking her to see some family while she is all dressed up as the cutest lady bug ever! That’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and a Happy and Safe Halloween.