Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Post Is Brought To You By The Number 20

My scale earned some much needed brownie points this morning. She said that I had lost 4 pounds this week…now that is what I am talking about! I almost picked her up off the floor and gave her a hug. I was so excited…that means I have lost a total of 20 pounds. I just have to do that 4 more times, and I will have lost 100 pounds. It doesn’t sound impossible when you say it like that right?

Well, I ended up having half of a Publix sandwich yesterday for dinner. It was a BLT with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on whole grain bread. It was so good, and a nice switch from chicken and broccoli.

Wow…two days in a row. I came home from my workout with the bed made and the dishwasher going. A girl could get used to this kind of treatment! I am so thankful that Eddie has taken it upon himself to show me how much he supports me. It is a nice reminder that I am in a loving relationship and can rely on him even if I don’t need to. I am blessed beyond words.

I am reluctantly adjusting to these AM workouts. It is tough for me to roll out of my comfy bed all snuggled up next to my honey knowing what is in store for me at boot camp. We did A LOT of cardio today. We did some football drills and this crazy circuit that almost killed me. We started with 1 push up, then 2 sit-ups, a sprint, and a tricep dip. We continued with 2 push ups, 4 sit-ups, a sprint, and 2 tricep dips then 3 push ups 8 sit ups a sprint and 3 tricep dips. This torture continued until we reached 10 pushups. All I have to say is holy crap! I was barely awake, and I had to run. I have heard of sleep walking…but never sleep running!

That’s it for today. I was going to wait to post later this evening, but I couldn’t contain my excitement. I am going to go shout from the roof tops now…I LOST 4 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!