Friday, November 6, 2009

The Great E-steak

So much has happened since I last posted! The New York Yankees have clinched their 27th world championship. It was an amazing game, and the win was well deserved. The Yanks had chemistry this year, and even though it has been 9 long years, we are finally back where we belong…on top!

Eddie and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. I spent the day cleaning up and doing laundry…such is the life of an everyday house wife lol! Amelia took a really long nap yesterday, so I was very productive! We had 8:00 dinner reservations at The Rusty Pelican in Tampa. That is where we held our wedding reception, and we return every year for a super special anniversary dinner. The difference this year is that instead of a reservation for 2, it was a reservation for 3. Amelia joined us, and we were so excited to show her “where mommy and daddy got married” We snuck into the Grand Ballroom, where we danced the night away 4 years ago, and Eddie took his daughter for a little spin around the dance floor. Eddie and I were both so emotional yesterday. It was surreal having a baby with us. Sometimes I still can’t believe that she is real. We wanted a baby so badly, and once that became a reality, we were completely awe-inspired. Our daughter completes us on a level that I didn’t know existed. Having her with us made it the best anniversary ever. Dinner was the main event, and it was delicious. We started with raisin walnut bread and then a caesar salad prepared tableside. When our entrees arrived I was almost giddy…let me explain. I have not had a steak in over a year. I didn’t eat it while I was pregnant because you are not supposed to eat under cooked meat, and I like my steak medium. After the baby arrived, there was not an occasion that warranted a steak until now. I am a bit of a steak snob, and refuse to settle for a cut of meat that has not been aged. I know that probably sounds gross to you, but once you go aged, you never go back! I had an 8 ounce Ribeye and a loaded baked potato. Eddie had Veal Oscar with asparagus and a crab meat cream sauce and a loaded baked potato. We did indulge in some dessert…Crème’ brulee and Tiramisu…delicious! Our dinner was fabulous and although it was a calorie fest, I don’t regret it. I made a decision about what went into my mouth which is an improvement from mindlessly eating crap and feeling unsatisfied.

Today was a new day, and I got back to it today without even so much as a hesitation. Breakfast was 2 packs of oatmeal, Lunch: a grilled chicken breast and broccoli, and dinner: Grilled chicken over rice and another side of broccoli. I also had a berry (blueberry and strawberry) yogurt smoothie today as my snack. All in all, I think it was a pretty successful day. We are going for a walk as soon as I publish this post. I am hoping to work off some of the calories that I accumulated yesterday. It is finally the weekend. I hope you enjoy it. I hear my sneakers calling, so I am going to run for now…pun intended!