Saturday, August 15, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I spent most of the day yesterday scouring the Internet for the right meal plan for me. I have tried low carb diets in the past with some success, but it didn't last. I love bread and pasta, and I am not a huge meat eater. I was doing a low calorie program before I got pregnant, and that seemed to work pretty well, but with pregnancy cravings, that went out the window too. I found a couple of cool things so far, and I am weighing my options, but I am still holding out hope that there is a brownie diet that I just haven't stumbled across yet, or a birthday cake diet. If you eat birthday cake on your birthday it doesn't have any calories right? I guess that is the school of thought that got me into this position in the first place!! I know I am probably going to start with swimming and water aerobics because I just need to get my body used to moving again, and the water is totally low impact. The water is great because you can be fat without feeling fat...well until you see yourself in your bathing suit that is!! I will be back soon with a decision, but in the mean time, please "weigh" in with your opinions.