Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Goal Is Back In Focus

Yesterday was weigh day, and I stayed the same. No weight lost this week, and I am completely disappointed. I am sick of being in the 390’s so I have decided to really buckle down with my eating. I need to make some changes, and I plan on putting more fresh foods in the hose as soon as we can make it grocery shopping. Eddie doesn’t get paid until Friday, so I am going to make that a priority. It has been a hectic month, but failure is not an option. I am rededicating myself to my goal. I have not made weight loss a priority for a few weeks now, and I need to regroup.

I am doing well with exercise. I did go to boot camp yesterday, and I will be going tomorrow. I enjoy my workouts, and I have noticed a huge improvement with my endurance while I have been playing with Amelia. It is such a great feeling knowing that I can keep up with her. That is something I was worried about before she was born.

I am taking my little munchkin to urgent care tonight when Eddie gets home from work. She has a runny nose and thick mucus in her throat. I have been trying to keep her nose clear with the aspirator today, but she is completely miserable. This is a first for me. The most I have dealt with as far as her not feeling well has been a fever due to a reaction to vaccines, but this runny nose stuff is no fun at all. She can barely suck her bottle without choking, and her eyes are all water. I just want her to feel better.

My food today:
Breakfast: Cheerios with 2% milk
Lunch: Peanut Butter sandwich on wheat, 2% cottage cheese, sugar free Jell-o, and pineapple
Dinner: Pork tenderloin and corn

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Only 2 more days to the weekend. I am going to go for now. I need to start getting ready to take the baby to the doctor. I will post more soon.